What Are Some Tips to Help You Quit Drinking?


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Avoid people who ridicule you for choosing not to drink, recommends WebMD. Spend time with people who support your decision, and ask family members and friends to help you to achieve your goals. Avoid events and places that tempt you to drink, and try to make alternative plans that don't involve drinking. Staying active makes it easier to avoid alcohol, so consider starting a new hobby to keep you occupied. Get rid of any alcoholic beverages in your home.

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It is important to remember that most people do not stop drinking all at once, so don't give up even if you fail, notes WebMD. If you believe that you are addicted to alcohol, speak to a physician before attempting to quit. Trying to stop drinking on your own can lead to distressing withdrawal symptoms.

Try to remember that it is perfectly acceptable to refuse a drink when offered, recommends WebMD. If you do drink, try to drink slowly and wait an hour between drinks. Eat food when drinking, and have a juice, soda or water between alcoholic beverages.

One way to wean off of alcohol is to select one or two alcohol-free days each week and then increase the frequency of clean days, notes WebMD. Consider how you feel emotionally and physically on those days.

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