What Are Some Tips for Preventing Hair Loss?


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Some tips for preventing hair loss include maintaining natural color and using non-damaging hair products and brushing techniques, explains WebMD. Tools and products that put stress on the hair include hot curlers, hair dryers, hair straightening products, hair dyes and cosmetics.

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Hair loss is a common problem in women and men, and there are different types of hair loss, says MedicineNet.com. Most cases occur due to the aging process and genetic factors. However, avoiding blow drying and hair dye helps to prevent hair loss, according to WebMD. It also is prudent to allow enough time for the hair to recover between hair treatments and blowouts.

Using a shampoo that is designed for a particular type of hair is helpful. Additionally, a person should strive to use simple sponge rollers when curling the hair to avoid any damage. It is also recommendable to use a moderately stiff hair brush to avoid tearing the hair.

Brushing the hair properly can provide the same effect as over-the-counter hair products, explains WebMD. This involves applying full strokes from the scalp to the hair tips. A person should avoid brushing wet hair, as that is when hair is fragile, and opt instead for a comb.

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