What Are Some Tips for Preventing Diabetes?

To help prevent diabetes, individuals should exercise regularly, lose weight and maintain a healthy diet with plenty of fiber and whole grains, advises Mayo Clinic. They should also follow a doctor's recommendations for any medication prescribed to lower the risk of developing the disease, states WebMD.

Exercise decreases blood sugar levels, makes the body more insulin-sensitive and helps individuals lose weight, according to Mayo Clinic. A balance of resistance training and aerobic exercise is best. Swimming, bike riding, dancing and walking are all good forms of exercise to prevent diabetes, points out the National Diabetes Education Program. Individuals can Increase their activity by taking the stairs instead of elevators, getting off buses one stop early and taking walks with friends.

Weight loss is imperative in diabetes prevention, and even losing a small amount of weight cuts the odds of getting the disease, notes Mayo Clinic. To help lose weight, an individual can drink lots of water, eat slowly, listen to music instead of watching television while he eats, and use smaller utensils and plates, advises the National Diabetes Education Program. People can make healthy food choices by adding more fruits, vegetables and whole grains to their diet. They should minimize the intake of fattening foods such as cheese, whole milk and fried foods, and when eating out, people should order salads and grilled meats instead of fast foods and sweet desserts.