What Are Some Tips for Making New Friends?


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Some tips for making new friends include joining groups of people who share your interests and inviting co-workers or neighbors to events. Mixing business and pleasure is a good way to make time for new friendships; find things that need to be done, like shopping or going to the gym, and invite others to join you.

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Making friends, especially as an adult, is easier when people have the same interests. Strike up a conversation at a favorite place, such as the library or bookstore, local coffee shop or nearby dog park. These people already share a similar interest, making it easier to find things to talk about. It also makes it easier to find people to connect with on a personal level.

Trying new things can also help you to meet new people and possibly start new friendships. For example, volunteering at a local animal shelter offers the potential to meet new people while also helping others. Joining a local club or gym, or taking a class, is another great way to meet adults.

Don’t be afraid to spend time with familiar people who aren’t necessarily friends yet. For example, ask the neighbors if they want to have a block party or invite some co-workers out after work for drinks. This helps avoid the awkwardness of approaching strangers.

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