What Are Some Tips for Living With a Defibrillator Implant?


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Individuals living with a defibrillator implant should avoid large magnetic fields, including those used in magnetic resonance imaging machines, according to The University of Chicago Medical Center. Also, they should avoid high-voltage and radar machinery, such as television and radio transmitters, welders and radar installations.

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Since the defibrillator implant may activate a security alarm, air travelers should tell airport security personnel about the implant prior to screening, advises The University of Chicago Medical Center. Additionally, the hand-held metal detecting wand may change the implant's operating mode; airport security personnel should avoid holding the wand over the implant for more than two seconds.

Cellphones are generally safe when kept at least 6 inches away from the defibrillator implant, explains The University of Chicago Medical Center. Individuals should not carry a cellphone or headphones in the breast pocket over the implant. Some headphones may interfere with the functioning of the implant, so people with an implant should not carry headphones around the neck or press the implant against someone wearing headphones.

Normal activities, such as taking showers and baths, returning to work, driving, moderate exercise, and housework, are usually safe, notes The University of Chicago Medical Center. Individuals should avoid getting hit in the area of the implant and should see a doctor if it happens.

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