What are some tips for living with Crohn's Disease?


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Keeping a food journal to determine food triggers, taking medications as instructed by the doctor and drinking plenty of water are good tips for living with Crohn's disease, according to Healthgrades. It also helps to eat small meals more frequently and practice breathing or meditation exercises to ease symptoms.

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Doctors recommend monitoring the foods a person with Crohn's disease eats every day to identify trigger foods that worsen symptoms, explains Healthgrades. Patients may share the journal with their physicians to ensure they maintain a balanced diet. It is important to take medications properly because skipping or adding doses can aggravate symptoms. Proper hydration is also essential as patients with Crohn's disease are prone to chronic diarrhea.

To prevent cramps, doctors advise consuming five small meals and snacks daily, states Healthgrades. Because canker sores commonly occur in patients with Crohn's disease, it helps to use medicinal mouthwash to alleviate irritation. Another tip is to practice yoga or join meditation classes to manage stress, which can worsen symptoms such as cramps and diarrhea.

To combat weak bones resulting from necessary medications, patients with Crohn's disease should engage in weight-bearing exercises, such as climbing stairs or walking, suggests Healthgrades. It is also a good idea to prepare for outdoor activities by finding restrooms in restaurants or shops in advance and to bring wipes, toilet paper, pants or underwear.

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