What Are Some Tips on How to Jump?


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There are many tips on how to jump by using exercises such as leg explosions, straddle lifts and jump conditioning drills that require lots of different kinds of jumps to build jump stamina and form. The ability to jump high is helpful in many sports, such as cheerleading and basketball, as well as for overall health.

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Leg explosions can help a person add height to their jump, as well as strengthen their calf and leg muscles. The person should start with their feet touching, and then slowly bend the knees and jump. The goal is to land in the same slightly bent knee position and then jump again. It is important to keep good form and not let the knees extend more than a 90-degree angle.

Straddle lifts involve the hip flexor; these lifts are primarily used for cheerleaders, since they make it possible to perform great toe-touch jumps. To do them, a person must sit on the floor and start by lifting the legs together off the ground. If this is too difficult, a person can start with lifting one leg off the ground at a time. Try to hold the legs up, off of the ground, for a total of 5 seconds. Repeat until exhausted.

Jump conditioning involves taking different kinds of jumps and making as many jumps as possible. This builds the ability to control the jump, and makes sure that the person improves their stamina.

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