What Are Some Tips for Increasing the Chances of Conceiving a Boy?

Some theories for increasing the chance of conceiving a baby boy include having sex as close to ovulation as possible, and balancing the body's pH levels by eating a boy-friendly diet consisting of foods such as zucchini, red meats, raisins and peas, says Babble. Additional tips for conceiving a boy include making sure the man wears boxer shorts instead of briefs or tight underwear, and that he drinks coffee before having sex.

Because male sperm swim faster than female sperm, if the couple has sex very near the time of ovulation, the male sperm are more likely to reach the egg first, resulting in a conceived boy, explains Babble. Experts warn against having sex too long before ovulation because the faster, male sperm are more likely to die before ovulation. In that event, only the female sperm might live long enough to fertilize the egg when ovulation occurs.

For a more certain method of ensuring conception of a boy, one tip is to use an in-vitro fertilization process. While expensive, this process can, when requested, select only boy embryos for implantation, guaranteeing that the couple conceives a boy. Such a procedure can cost up to $20,000, explains Babble.

Wearing loose undergarments improves the chances of conceiving a boy because the cooler a man's reproductive organs are, the more male sperm he makes, states Baby Belly. Experts also recommend having sex in positions that allow for deep penetration so that the faster, male sperm have a head start in reaching the egg. Eating frequently during the day in order to maintain consistently high glucose levels is another way to increase the chances of conceiving a boy, says Babble.