What Are Some Tips for Improving Trigger Finger?


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A person can try to improve trigger finger through rest, ice or heat, splints and stretching exercises, notes Mayo Clinic. If these treatments do not work, a doctor may recommend steroid injections, percutaneous release or surgery to improve the condition.

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A person with trigger finger can try to improve the condition by resting the affected digit for three to four weeks, states Mayo Clinic. During that time, he should avoid any activities that involve handheld machinery that vibrates and activities that require repeated gripping or grasping. A person with trigger finger may also experience improvement if he ices the affected hand several times per day or soaks it in warm water in the mornings. A doctor may recommend a splint to rest the tendon and stop the patient from curling his fingers while sleeping. Stretching exercises may help a person with trigger finger by aiding in mobility.

Some patients may need more serious medical intervention to improve trigger finger, such as steroid injections into or near the tendon that is causing the condition, according to Mayo Clinic. These injections can help reduce inflammation and allow the affected tendon to move more freely, and the treatment is effective in up to 90 percent of patients who do not also suffer from diabetes. A doctor performs a percutaneous release to improve trigger finger by inserting a needle into tissues around tendons to break up the constriction. In more severe cases, a doctor may recommend surgery to cut open the section of the tendon sheath that is causing trigger finger.

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