What Are Some Tips for Identifying Melanoma Cancer Growths?


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Melanoma cancer growths usually appear as moles that are asymmetrical and have uneven borders with notched or scalloped edges, according to the Skin Cancer Foundation. Melanomas typically have 1/4-inch diameters or larger and evolve in size, elevation or condition, such as beginning to itch, bleed or crust.

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While benign skin growths usually have a uniform brown color, shades of black, brown and tan can appear in one melanoma growth, and melanomas can also become white, red or blue. Melanoma is not the most common of the skin cancers, but it is the most deadly, causing approximately 10,000 deaths in the United States each year as of 2015, notes the Skin Cancer Foundation. A patient who observes one or more warning signs needs to schedule a visit to a physician without delay.

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