What Are Some Tips in Handling the Pain of Childbirth?


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Both physiological and psychological methods, including breathing exercises, warming and cooling agents, movement and visualization, can help alleviate the pain of childbirth, according to Fit Pregnancy. Giving birth in a soothing environment with coaching and encouragement from a birthing partner may also make it easier to cope with labor pain.

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Some women have found that movement, including changing position and pacing back and forth, helps to reduce the pain of contractions, explains BabyCenter. Move in whatever way feels best, such as rocking or walking, or bouncing on an exercise ball. Taking a warm bath or applying warm and cool compresses may also ease pain.

Physiological remedies such as counterpressure and massage can alleviate pain during childbirth, notes the Child Development Institute. Prior to childbirth, regular exercise can prepare the body for labor. Studies have provided preliminary evidence that mothers-to-be who exercise regularly during pregnancy tend to have shorter labors, and thus experience pain for a shorter period of time.

Fit Pregnancy suggests employing psychological techniques such as visualization to handle the pain of childbirth. Try to visualize yourself in a relaxing place or focus on an inspiring image. Alternatively, BabyCenter suggests preparing your mind beforehand for the ordeal of labor by practicing self-motivating mantras. Focus on the fact the pain is temporary.

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