What Are a Few Tips a Guy Should Follow When Calling a Girl?


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Tips a guy should follow when calling a girl include preparing for the call, keeping it short and having a positive attitude, particularly at the end of the call, suggests AskMen.com. Calls should be made in the early evening.

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What Are a Few Tips a Guy Should Follow When Calling a Girl?
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The guy should prepare by deciding on a purpose for his call and what to say when the girl answers the phone. By having an idea of what to say, he appears assertive and there's less likelihood of awkward silences. If she doesn't answer the first time he calls, he should call back later instead of leaving a message. On the second call, he should leave a brief message he has prepared. To avoid appearing desperate, he shouldn't call her more than twice.

Keeping the conversation short gives the impression that the guy has a busy life. It also keeps him in control of the conversation.

If a guy complains to a girl over the phone, he may appear needy. She may also not like the negativity. He should be positive throughout the conversation. If the call ends well, it leaves a good impression.

Calls should be made in the early evening to avoid calling her during work or late at night. If a guy wants to set up a date for the weekend, he should call on Wednesday or earlier. If he calls her any later in the week, she may already have plans.

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