What Are Some Tips for Giving a Body Massage?


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Gentle stretching of the massaged body part is the ideal method for a body message, according to WebMD. While the massage should not cause excessive pain, it's necessary to apply pressure to sore body parts to relieve tension. For a spine massage, use a thumb in a gentle circular motion.

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What Are Some Tips for Giving a Body Massage?
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When beginning a full body massage with the head, focus on massaging the temples with the fingers, notes WebMD. Slowly move the fingers in a circular motion with firm pressure, traversing the forehead before eventually moving through the hair to massage the scalp. This technique can significantly relieve tension headaches. To relieve tension in the neck, apply firm pressure through the fingers, starting at the shoulders and moving up to the base of the skull. Use small circular motions, gently pull the head forward to stretch these muscles after massaging.

Using a tennis ball is another way to massage sore shoulders, adds WebMD. Roll the ball, pressing it into the muscles along the spine and the back of the shoulder. When encountering a tender area, press the ball into it until the pain subsides. Massage the muscles along the lower spine with a circular motion using the thumbs, but avoid touching the actual spine. The massage should move slowly down until you reach the sacrum.

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