What Are Some Tips for Getting Help for an Alcoholic Parent?


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Individuals coping with an alcoholic parent can provide resources for the parent, such as professional counseling and local Alcoholics Anonymous organizations, according to the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence. Children of alcoholics should also seek out educational resources for information on alcohol dependency.

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Children of alcoholics should speak up and offer support to parents coping with alcohol dependency, suggests the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence. It is important to talk to the parent about concerns with alcohol and offer assistance in getting professional help. Children of alcoholics should stress that the addiction is treatable, and the parent has support from the family.

Children of alcoholics should not wait for the parent to hit rock bottom, explains the National Council on Alcoholism and Dependence. Individuals should not accept excuses or expressions of denial or anger regarding why the parent drinks. Instead, children of alcoholics need to explain specific behaviors that prove a problem exists. The parent may be more receptive to an explanation backed by love and concern than to an expression of anger that the problem exists.

It is also necessary for children of alcoholics to find a safe environment and a support system for themselves, explains KidsHealth. Support groups, school counselors, religious clergy and other adults within the family should be aware of the problem to provide additional support for both the child of the alcoholic and the parent.

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