What Are Some Tips for Gaining Weight?


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WebMD recommends focusing on vitamins, minerals and nutrients when eating to gain weight. Consuming six meals daily with healthy proteins, starches, vegetables and fats helps to pack on up to 1 pound of weight per week. Drinking whey protein shakes and completing frequent weight-training exercises results in increased muscle mass. To gain weight after an illness, WebMD recommends drinking nutritious meal replacement drinks and eating plenty of lean meats.

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WebMD suggests taking a walk before a meal in cases where it is difficult to muster up an appetite. It also helps to pick comfort foods at mealtime when nothing sounds appealing. Spices and herbs can help to make food seem more palatable. If hunger is a problem, liquids should be avoided before meals to ensure that the stomach feels empty. Fatty foods such as peanut butter, avocados, hummus and oils are very high in calories and can help a person to put on weight when consumed regularly. Animals fats have the same effect, but they contain saturated fats and can contribute to high cholesterol levels if consumed too often. For this reason, WebMD advises choosing plant fats before animal fats. Dried fruits, potatoes, juices and nuts are some healthy high-calorie food options that contribute to weight gain.

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