What Are Tips on How to Gain Weight Fast for Men?


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Tips to gain weight fast for men include eating every two to three hours and eating calorie-dense foods. Examples of calorie-dense foods are: rice, bread, chicken, steak, milk, nuts and olive oil.

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Gaining weight requires increasing calorie intake, so that more calories are consumed than burned every day. This can be as simple as adding another item of food to every meal, or doubling certain ingredients, such as using two chicken breasts instead of one. Eating nutritious foods is important for healthy weight gain without adding excess fat. Meal planning can insure that each meal has the appropriate nutrients, including carbohydrates, proteins and healthy fats.

Breakfast should be eaten 30 minutes or less, after waking up, to fuel the body with nutrients. Snacks, such as granola or nuts, are a good source of extra calories throughout the day. Liquids should be scheduled between meals, because they can fill up the stomach, which reduces appetite. Water can be substituted with higher-calorie drinks, such as juice and smoothies. High-protein meals and drinks, such as protein shakes, are necessary for muscle gain. Resistance training is also important if muscle gain is a goal. Aerobic exercise should be avoided, because it burns calories. To optimize training sessions, training should never be done on an empty stomach.

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