What Are Some Tips for Finding a Good Nursing Home?

What Are Some Tips for Finding a Good Nursing Home?

Tips for finding a good nursing home include evaluating each nursing home's staff, checking how many residents stay in their rooms and testing out the food. To learn more about the nursing home, people should make multiple visits at different times of the day.

Staff evaluation includes staff interactions with each other, interactions with patients and how many staff members the nursing home has. Signs of a good nursing home include staff that are polite and attentive to patients. One possible negative sign is staff members that talk with themselves instead of interacting with patients. Visitors should ask staff members how often they work double shifts or overtime to determine if the nursing home is understaffed.

Good nursing homes provide a variety of activities throughout the day for residents. If residents are frequently out of their rooms, it's usually a good sign. If residents tend to stay in their rooms, the nursing home may not have sufficient activities for them.

Nursing home food should meet dietary requirements while also satisfying residents' tastes and appearing palatable. As people get older, their taste buds can lose sensitivity. Nursing home residents are more likely to eat their food if it tastes and looks good.

By visiting at multiple times, people see how early residents get up in the morning, the activities the nursing home offers and the meal plan. It's also a good way to determine how many staff members the nursing home typically has.