What Are Some Tips for Finding a Good Addiction Treatment Center?


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Some tips for finding a good drug addiction treatment center include looking at the credentials that a particular addiction center and its staff has and researching the effectiveness of the treatment center's programs, according to HelpGuide.org. Any treatment program should be licensed by the state the center is in and should provide statistics on its success rates.

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Another tip would be to research the types of aftercare a particular center offers, states HelpGuide.org. Aftercare is one of the most important things to consider when preventing a relapse, according to Recovery.org. Appropriate aftercare should include referrals to programs and other recovery and support groups within a patient's community. Staff at the treatment center should also work with the patient to provide a discharge plan before leaving the program.

Additionally, if a person is having trouble locating a good addiction treatment center, she could talk to her doctor or health insurance agency, states HelpGuide.org. These people can often recommend treatment centers or programs specifically tailored towards helping an individual's treatment. Also, since drug addiction is often related to mental illness, finding a treatment center that can treat a dual diagnosis is crucial, according to Recovery.org. Finally, patients should look for addiction programs that cover all aspects of a person's life and not just her addiction. Some examples of this include learning new skills and learning how to share and be emotionally open.

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