What Are Some Tips to Figuring Out Your Spirit Animal?


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Some tips for figuring out your spirit animal are to maintain an open heart, observe animals in nature and be attentive to any dreams featuring animals. Notice when an animal is acting out of the ordinary around you as well as any repeated experiences with a certain animal.

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What Are Some Tips to Figuring Out Your Spirit Animal?
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According to shamanic tradition, everyone has a spirit animal that guides, protects and leads her to success in her life. No one can choose her own spirit animal, but by remaining open and aware, each person can figure out what her spirit animal is. It is also possible to develop relationships with different spirit animals at different times in life. A spirit animal can represent feelings as well as a person, event or situation from a past or present life.

Remaining open and aware is the most important tip for finding a spirit animal, but another helpful tip is to observe animals' behavior in nature, on television and in books. Be conscious of any animal you feel a connection with, and reflect on why that animal is standing out to you. It is likely your spirit animal trying to get your attention.

Keep track of whenever you dream about animals, and take note if one type of animal appears to you repeatedly. Likewise, notice whether you have repetitive encounters with a certain animal in waking life, especially if it acts differently around you. This includes any encounters with symbolic images of the animal as well, such as in an object or image.

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