What Are Some Tips for Falling Asleep Easily?


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Avoiding stressful interactions and television screens before bedtime can help you to sleep better at night. You can also make falling asleep easier by creating a peaceful environment that takes into account the room temperature, scent and sounds.

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The blue light from televisions, computers and phones has been proven to suppress melatonin, a sleep-inducing hormone. Rather than staring at screens before bed, scientists recommend doing an activity that requires using one's hands and head. This could be a puzzle, coloring in a book, or reading. Get up and out of bed to do these activities to avoid associating the bed with being awake. This can be a wind-down period before bedtime. It is recommended to only get in bed once you feel sleepy.

Another recommendation is showering or bathing before going to sleep. The body's temperature drops after you exit a warm shower, which can trigger a sleepy feeling as the heart rate slows down. This can allow the brain and body to slow down and rest too. Temperature also plays a large role in the sleep process. Setting the bedroom between 60 and 67 degrees is considered the ideal temperature range for sleeping. Wearing socks to bed also helps optimize the body's temperature for sleeping. The scent of lavender can have a soothing effect, helping those who sniff lavender oil before bedtime to sleep more deeply and feel more alert in the morning. Playing slow, rhythmic music has also been shown to help lull people to sleep.

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