What Are Some Tips to Fall Asleep?


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Spending an hour before bed decompressing from work and other sources of stress, taking a warm bath or shower and refraining from going to bed until ready for sleep can help people fall asleep, suggests the Huffington Post. Other tips include eliminating distractions and performing relaxation exercises.

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Removing sources of distracting noise can help people fall asleep more quickly, states Health.com. Earplugs work, but so do modified headphones and soothing soundtracks designed to help people relax and block out noises such as snoring and traffic.

Certain exercises can help, says Health.com. Curling the toes tightly for seven seconds then relaxing, then repeating the exercise through various muscle groups up toward the neck helps prepare the body for sleep. Another technique, the 4-7-8 breathing exercise, can lower heart rate and blood pressure, states Huffington Post. It involves inhaling for four seconds, holding the breath for seven and then exhaling for eight seconds.

Reducing the room temperature to 65 degrees or lower may help encourage sleep. If sleeplessness continues, Health.com recommends keeping a sleep log to pinpoint any commonalities. A record of caffeine intake, exercise, diet and other factors can help narrow down what's causing chronic insomnia. Writing about the day also can help the mind process emotions and relax.

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