What Are Some Tips for Dealing With Test Anxiety?

What Are Some Tips for Dealing With Test Anxiety?

Some tips for dealing with test anxiety involves taking steps to be prepared for the test and performing self-care, such as getting enough sleep and exercising, according to Mayo Clinic. Communicating with the teacher and a counselor can also help.

Developing a routine and good study habits can help alleviate test anxiety, Mayo Clinic advises. Regular studying helps students feel more relaxed before an exam. Creating a pretest routine also helps relieve anxiety. The routine can include getting plenty of sleep the night before and making sure to eat and drink water before the exam. Exercising before the test can help relieve tension.

Talking to the teacher can help students with test anxiety, Mayo Clinic states. Students can ask their teachers to clarify what is going to be on the test. Sometimes if the student tells the teacher about his test anxiety, she can offer suggestions on how to prepare to help lower the stress level.

A therapist can help students with severe test anxiety, Mayo Clinic reports. Therapy can help the student deal with emotions surrounding their anxiety, and the therapist can also teach the student relaxation techniques to decrease pretest anxiety.

Students should also be tested for learning disabilities if they suspect they have one, Mayo Clinic says. Sometimes students with learning disabilities can get extra help in taking or preparing for a test.