What Are Some Tips for Dating an Older Man?


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To have a successful dating experience with an older man, you have to make sure that you are on the same page right from the start. It is also important to keep the communication lines open, to respect his past and to realize that the age difference can in fact be a strong point of the relationship.

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It is important to define the terms of the relationship right at the onset. It is of significance to understand his stance on issues, such as commitment and children, earlier than normally done in other relationships. It is also important to have clarity on what each person is looking for from the relationship. Keeping an open line of communication helps in conveying the needs, desires and goals of each party as the relationship progresses.

With age comes more experience and baggage. It is crucial to understand that he has had a past and probably has made some mistakes along the way, but with that, he is hopefully surer of what he likes and knows how to avoid making the same mistakes.

If you really like each other and base the relationship on compatible personalities, common interests and chemistry, then the age difference quickly becomes a non-issue.

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