What Are Tips for Creating a Beginner's Exercise Routine?

What Are Tips for Creating a Beginner's Exercise Routine?

Some tips for creating a beginner's exercise routine include setting realistic goals, making the routine fit into daily life, partnering up with a friend, choosing enjoyable activities and choosing a good balance of aerobic, strength training and flexibility exercises. To create a successful fitness plan, it helps to be patient and consistent, according to WebMD.

Ideally, an exercise routine should include aerobic activities such as swimming, cycling or running, strength training exercises such as weight lifting or resistance training and flexibility exercises such as yoga or stretching, according to Help Guide. People should choose exercises they enjoy and that are accessible in their area so that they can do their routines without a lot of additional effort.

It also helps to fit the exercise routine into daily life. For example, people who are too busy to go to a gym could try doing floor exercises at home each day or cycle to work in the morning.

Setting goals that are realistic and achievable is also a key to success. Beginners can start with mild to moderate amounts of effort and work their way up. Setting goals that are too high can make the workout feel impossible.

People who need some extra motivation can try partnering up with a friend. Exercising in teams and offering encouragement can help the routine become successful.