What Are Some Free Tips on How to Create a Meal Plan for a Diabetic?


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A free tip on how to create a meal plan for a diabetic includes adding foods that are rich in fiber, healthy carbohydrates and good fats, according to Mayo Clinic. Meal plans need to avoid foods high in saturated and trans fats, sodium and cholesterol.

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To create a diabetic-friendly meal plan, base foods on the counting carbohydrate method, the food lists system or the glycemic index, suggests Mayo Clinic. The counting carbohydrates method bases meals on the amount of carbs of each food because carbs get broken down by the body into sugars, drastically affecting blood glucose levels. In the food lists system, an individual chooses meals based on single servings of foods in carbohydrate, protein and fat categories. For instance, a choice in the carb category can be one-third cup of pasta or one-half ear of corn.

An individual can also plan meals according to the glycemic index of foods, or how much certain foods raise blood sugar, explains Mayo Clinic. For instance, while carbs have a higher glycemic index than other foods because they have the greatest impact on blood sugar, complex carbs found in whole grains have a lower glycemic index than foods high in sugar or refined flour, making them more suitable for a diabetic diet.

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