What Are Some Tips for Conceiving a Girl?


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Having sex in a position that forces a man’s sperm to have to travel further upon entering woman’s body is a tip for conceiving a baby girl, reports About.com. An additional tip for a woman to use while trying to get pregnant with a baby girl is to avoid increasing the alkalinity of her vagina during sexual intercourse.

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According to the Shettles method, the missionary position is a good sexual position for conceiving a baby girl, as sperm are forced to swim a greater distance when deposited near the vaginal entrance, according to About.com. However, this position is not recommended for couples that are struggling to conceive.

The Shettles method also explains that a woman can increase her chance of conceiving a baby girl by not having an orgasm, thereby preventing an increase in vaginal alkalinity, explains About.com. Additionally, this method encourages a woman to have sex only once per day.

The O+12 Method states that a woman who wishes to conceive a girl should have sex in the afternoon instead of in the evening and when the moon is full. This method also teaches that a woman should instigate sexual intercourse and have sex on calendar dates with even numbers, reports About.com. Additionally, the method explains that a woman should experience an orgasm first and have sex in a dominant position.

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