What Are Some Tips for Conceiving a Baby Girl?

Some ways to increase your chances of conceiving a girl include having intercourse a few days before ovulation and avoiding a diet high in salt and acid, says Parenting. However, the best way to conceive a girl is by using in-vitro fertilization.

The Shettles method uses timing as a way to conceive a girl or boy, notes Parenting. Since the girl chromosome, or X chromosome travels slower, it is better to start having intercourse a few days before ovulation, giving the sperm plenty of time to make it to the egg before it's too late. If you wait until ovulation, the girl sperm might not make it in time. This method requires tracking your ovulation.

Having an orgasm during intercourse while trying to conceive a girl is also not in your best interest, according to Parenting. Having an orgasm gets the sperm to the cervix much faster, which is good for conception, but not for girl sperm. The boy sperm swim faster, so there is a greater chance of the Y chromosomes making it to the egg first.

While it isn't a scientific method, using the Chinese Lunar calendar is another option that some believe increases the chance of conceiving a girl, notes Parenting.