What Are Some Tips for Cleaning Stained Dentures?


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To keep dentures clean and stain-free, the American Dental Association recommends brushing dentures daily and using a denture cleanser, such as a paste or solution, to remove stains. Those with dentures should brush their dentures without toothpaste, as the chemicals in toothpaste can be too harsh for dentures.

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The Mayo Clinic also recommends soaking dentures nightly in a cleaning solution to remove stains. Although denture cleansers are safe to use on dentures, denture users must rinse off their dentures before putting them back in their mouths, as the chemicals in these cleansing solutions can cause vomiting, pain or burns if swallowed. Users should also remove dentures after each meal and rinse them with water to remove leftover food particles.

Denture wearers should not clean dentures with bleach or other abrasive household cleaners as they can damage the dentures. In addition, denture wearers should avoid using hard brushes to clean dentures and refrain from using whitening toothpaste and hot water, as these can damage dentures.

Denture wearers should also schedule regular checkups with the dentist to clean the dentures professionally. Regular professional cleaning can help remove tough stains. Proper denture care should keep dentures working well for five to seven years.

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