What Are Some Tips for Cleaning Colostomy Bags?

A tip for cleaning a colostomy bag is to flush the toilet while emptying it to prevent back splashing of toilet water, according to About.com. Another tip is to rinse out the bag using an object such as a squeezable bottle.

To prevent splashing toilet water while cleaning a colostomy bag, toilet paper can be placed across the toilet seat’s front area and over the water in the toilet, explains About.com. Rather than emptying the bag into the water, it is emptied on top of the paper. Facing backwards while sitting on the toilet and changing a colostomy bag also helps to prevent water from splashing.

After emptying a colostomy bag, it is more easily rinsed out and cleaned using a spray bottle, dropper, syringe or turkey baster, according to About.com. These objects are useful for removing solid particles that stick to the inside of the colostomy bag. The bag’s bottom opening is used to squirt water upwards into the bag, states University of Pittsburgh Medical Center. After the bag is rinsed out, the process is repeated until the bag is fully clean.

When cleaning a colostomy bag at home, using rinse water with Dreft soap helps to moisten and purify the bag. Using a nonstick cooking spray such as Pam on the inside of the bag is useful for preventing solid waste from sticking to the bag and makes the next cleaning easier, reports MedicineNet.