What Are Some Tips on Choosing the Right Progressive Lenses?


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Select thinner lenses and a smaller frame made of high-index materials to derive the most benefits from your progressive lenses. Choose lenses that have anti-scratch coating to ensure they provide lasting service. Lenses that feature anti-reflective coating and UV-blocking treatment ensure functionality and comfort, according to AllAboutVision.com.

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The refractive index of the material used to make lenses determines their thickness. The index measures how well a lens material bends light. Get thinner lenses by selecting eyeglass lenses made of material that has a high refractive index, suggests AllAboutVision.com.

The aspheric design of a lens features a curvature from the center of the lens towards the edge and offers high optical performance. Choose aspheric lenses that give your eyeglasses an attractive profile without making them thicker, recommends AllAboutVision.com. The lenses provide a better appearance by minimizing unwanted magnification, and some designs make peripheral vision clearer.

Progressive eyeglass frames factor into the thicknesses of you lenses. By choosing a smaller centered frame, you can reduce the overall weight and thickness of the lenses even if the lens material you choose is made of low-index material. Thinner lens materials are likely to get scratches, meaning you should consider lenses that come with anti-scratch coating to ensure their longevity. The lenses should also have anti-reflective coating to minimize contrasts and reflections, while UV-blocking treatment keeps your eyes safe from the sun’s rays, recommends AllAboutVision.com.

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