What Are Some Tips for Choosing a Drug Treatment Center?


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When choosing a drug treatment center, an addict should look for a state-licensed center that has high ratings, has an environment that is comfortable for the addict, and fits the addict's budget or insurance coverage, according to Everyday Health. The addict should consider the center's location, treatment philosophy and available medical services, including pain-management assistance and supervised detoxification. Ideally, someone seeking drug treatment should visit the treatment center to see the center conditions personally before checking in for treatment.

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One benefit of selecting a drug treatment center in a different part of the country from where the addict lives is that relocation removes the addict from circumstances underlying the addiction, explains Everyday Health. One of the detriments is that unless he relocates closer to the treatment center, the addict must arrange for access to continuing professional support when he returns to his city after completing treatment. The addict should find out whether the treatment center offers transitioning into an active 12-step program or an addiction support group.

Other tips for finding a drug treatment center include finding out the therapeutic model or theory on which the treatment program is based, such as Hazelton, cognitive behavioral, 12 steps or motivation enhancement, notes Everyday Health. The addict should ask if therapists or counselors have his same religious perspective and if access to spiritual or faith leaders is available.

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