What Are Tips on Building Muscle After 40?


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Some tips for building muscle after the age of 40 are to do regular resistance training, perform full-body workouts and increase the intensity of workout programs every four to six weeks. Full-body workouts, such as squats, lunges and push-ups, burn more calories and use more muscles, so they save time and energy.

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Gain and maintain muscle mass through regular strength and resistance training, such as lifting weights and stretching. Perform at least eight reps of at least 10 exercises that work out all of the major muscle groups. Exercises can be done with free weights, machines or through weight-bearing workouts. Weight training builds both muscle and bone mass. Regular resistance training increases aerobic capacity, improves body composition, improves immune system function, speeds up metabolism and improves bone and joint health.

Adults age 65 and older should do strength-training two or three times a week with more repetitions and lighter weights. However, adults over 65 should assess their fitness levels before starting a workout program to prevent overworking the body.

Another good tip for building muscle is to change the workout program every four to six weeks to avoid reaching a plateau in muscle gain. This can be achieved by increasing the intensity of the workout program, adjusting the amount of weight used or increasing the number of repetitions completed.

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