What Are Some Tips for Body Control Module Repairs?

When attempting to repair a body control module, first check the vehicle's fuses. If any appear blown, replace them. If problems persist, take the vehicle to an automobile parts store with diagnostic testing capabilities to determine if it is indeed the body control module. Depending on the results of the diagnostic test, a referral to a mechanic or dealership may be warranted.

Body control module malfunctions manifest in a vehicle's electronic components. This could include the vehicle's clock losing time or resetting to 12:00 each time the ignition is turned off. A key fob used to work the door locks or activate a remote starter might not work, or if it does, anomalies such as the horn honking or headlights flashing may occur when it is in use. CD players may abruptly stop playing and switch over to a radio frequency on their own. As a rule, the more often the electronics malfunction, the more severely damaged the body control module.

A body control module is a component of a vehicle's computer that is responsible for the proper functioning of electronic devices. It is akin to the body's central nervous system, as it sends signals to each portion of the vehicle's electronics using a sophisticated range of input and output devices, which send information to and receive information from the body control module, respectively.