What Are Some Tips for Being a Better Kisser?


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Some tips for being a better kisser for a woman are to initiate the kiss, be active, open the mouth to produce a wetter kiss and use aggressive tongue action, while tips for a man are to make an effort to listen to your partner's breathing, match her tempo and rhythms, and don't jam the tongue down her throat. Another recommendation is to get to know your partner intimately and incorporate techniques she prefers when kissing.

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Beyond the mechanics of the kiss itself, there are a number of ancillary factors that may improve the overall experience. Women typically prefer to kiss a man who dresses well and pays attention to his hygiene, especially the smell of his breath. Couples may also want to create a mood conducive to romance by dimming the lights, sharing intimate thoughts and creating an air of excitement and anticipation.

In "The Art of Kissing," author William Cane states that 53 percent of women prefer kissing a man without facial hair. He also says that 96 percent of women like to be kissed on the neck, while only 10 percent of men enjoy it. Cane also reports that women prefer more variety, such as being kissed on the ear, the neck and each lip separately.

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