What Are Some Tips for Beginner Runners?


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Beginning runners must be careful to select appropriate shoes and to start running gradually in terms of distance and speed. They should pay close attention to proper running and breathing techniques.

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An expert at a specialty running store should be consulted to help determine the appropriate shoe type. When starting any workout, it is important to warm up properly. This can be accomplished by a period of brisk walking or easy jogging. During the run, hands should be kept at waist level, and the head should be held erect above a straight back. Breathing should be through the mouth and nose and deep enough to prevent side stitches. Pace should not be a concern when an individual is starting to run, and early runs should be done at a pace where conversation can be easily maintained. Starting slow prevents injuries that are caused by excess training and overuse. Weekly mileage should not be increased by more than 10 percent. Beginning runners may benefit from employing a combination of both walking and running in their workouts. With this method, the goal is to gradually increase the distance of the running segment of the workout. Runs should be completed with a cool-down period to allow heart rate and blood pressure to gradually decrease.

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