What Are Some Tips for Attracting a Guy?


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Tips for attracting a guy are to approach social situations in small groups of women and offer a genuine smile and eye contact during interaction with the guy, advises Cosmopolitan. In addition, it helps to saying positive things when talking to a guy because it shows playfulness and it helps to pay attention to personal appearance.

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When attracting a guy, it helps to approach social situations in groups of no more than three. If a woman is in a large group, the man she wants to attract might find the situation intimidating. When talking with a man, flashing a genuine smile is a way to demonstrate sincere interest. Making direct eye contact with the man is another way to appear approachable and friendly, notes Cosmopolitan. In addition, demonstrating playfulness with physical gestures such as touching the guy's arm creates a friendly, light-hearted atmosphere that most men find appealing.

Saying positive things during conversations with a man is more likely to attract him than complaining. Initially, it's best to keep conversation light such as talking about recent vacations and favorites such as bands or movies. In addition, paying attention to personal appearance is important not only because men are visually attracted to women but because a neat appearance demonstrates confidence.

Good hygiene and personal appearance habits include dressing in a way that flatters the individual figure. It's also important to avoid body odors and bad breath. Perfume should not be overpowering. Improving personal fitness is another way to improve physical appearance in a way that men find appealing.

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