What Are Some Tips to Attract a Man?


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The two most important things to remember when on the prowl to reel in a man are to always be natural and to behave with the utmost class, notes Cosmopolitan. Men are attracted to partners who are confident enough to not have to feel the need to put on a facade to impress them. Men also like people who behave with manners, class and know how to act in social situations, so never be the one making a scene to impress someone.

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If the goal is to end the night having spoken to a new man, do not crowd in with a hundred friends. Men are more likely to be scared off when a potential person is swamped in attention already, so go with one or two good friends instead of an entire class of wing men. Also, never forget to smile. It has been thought that people find others who smile more attractive than those who do not, states Cosmopolitan. A smile is friendly and approachable. When the initial hello is received, make friendly, positive small talk, and don't seem too eager or too bored. Relax and let the conversation flow without having to over-think every word that is exchanged. Eye contact is a must when trying to attract someone because it lets him know there is interest.

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