What Are Some Tips for Adjusting to Progressive Lenses?


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The most important tip for getting used to progressive lenses is to wear them full time, according to Med West Eyecare. Except for reading, move the head rather than the eyes to ensure clear viewing.

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When reading with progressive lenses, lower the eyes rather than tilting the head down, which also moves the lenses, states Med West Eyecare. To find the right area of the lens to view reading material, keep the head still, and lower the eyes. Pick out a word, and watch it while moving the text around to see the effect. With time, the eyes learn to go to the correct spot.

When using stairs, do the opposite, and tilt the head down further to get a clear view of the feet. When looking down and to the side, move the head to avoid the distortion present in the outside, lower portion of the lenses.

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