Is Tingling a Symptom of Multiple Sclerosis?


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Tingling is an early sign of multiple sclerosis, according to WebMD. Other symptoms include blurred vision, numbness, loss of balance, clumsiness, and weakness in the arms or legs. Cognitive problems may also occur in early stages of MS.

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Other unusual sensations, such as pins-and-needles feelings, itching, stabbing and tearing, are common for MS patients, notes WebMD. Bladder and bowel problems, such as frequent urination or constipation, are typical symptoms, as are spasms and muscle fatigue that make it difficult to walk. Muscle spasms in the legs affect approximately 40 percent of MS patients in the early stages and about 60 percent in progressive stage MS. The sensation ranges from mild stiffness to severe spasms.

Tremors are also common, with about half of all MS patients experiencing minor shakes that make it difficult to perform basic tasks, according to WebMD. Speech impediments may occur, such as slurring or long pauses between words. Swallowing may be troublesome in advanced stages. Although MS doesn't impact a person's comprehension, it often affects memory, attention span and clarity. Patients may experience sexual problems, including trouble reaching orgasm, lower sex drive, vaginal dryness in women or erectile dysfunction in men.

The first signs of MS tend to appear between the ages of 20 and 40, states WebMD. The symptoms frequently improve on their own for a period of time, only to return later. They often persist. In most cases, symptoms are manageable with treatment.

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