When Is the Best Time to Take Probiotics?


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Probiotics should be taken either 30 minutes before or during a meal or beverage, according to NutritionFacts.org. Probiotics seem to work best if they are taken with a meal or beverage that contains fat.

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Other times that probiotics should be taken are after drinking alcohol, states a study published by the National Institute of Health. Drinking alcohol severely reduces the amount of "good bacteria" in the intestines, and taking probiotics after drinking alcohol can increase the amount of "good bacteria” if taken regularly. According to WebMD, taking probiotics during times of problematic digestion is beneficial as well because the probiotics help to digest the food. Taking them after ingesting antibiotics is also beneficial since antibiotics have been known to kill "good bacteria" and cause digestion problems.

Probiotics should be taken when patients are experiencing certain ailments such as diarrhea or inflammatory bowel disease. Although the probiotics do not prevent either problem, they do shorten the attacks. WebMD also suggests that taking probiotics assists with improving other ailments, such as lactose intolerance, eczema and even children’s colds, because they reduce infections created by the "bad bacteria." Additionally, WebMD points to research from 2012 suggesting that probiotics can assist with or are remedies for the following ailments: urinary tract problems, vaginal health issues, allergies, asthma, childhood stomach infections, childhood respiratory infections, sleeping problems, mouth health issues, joint stiffness, traveler’s diarrhea, ADD and even ADHD.

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