What Is the Best Time of Day to Take Celexa?


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Celexa is taken once per day either in the morning or at night, according to Mayo Clinic. However, this medication should be used as recommended by a primary care physician.

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This is because a doctor may make adjustments to a patient's dosage based on the specific severity of the condition. Some patients may require more doses or a stronger dosage.

However, when adult patients first start taking this medication, a doctor may recommend an initial dose of 20 milligrams that is taken orally once a day. Although a physician may raise the dosage, the highest dose per day does not exceed 40 milligrams, reports Drugs.com. Celexa, is available in tablet and as a solution.

There are side effects associated with Celexa, such as feeling drowsy, agitation and mental confusion. This medication should not be used with alcohol, states the Physicians' Desk Reference. Celexa, which is available under the generic name of citalopram, is useful in the treatment of depression because it can raise the level of the chemical called serotonin.

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