How Do You Tighten Your Stomach?


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To tighten your stomach, eat a healthy diet, perform abdominal exercises and engage in cardiovascular training. Fat loss and stronger abdominal muscles are required for a tighter stomach, and results can typically be seen within seven days. Consult a doctor before beginning a new diet or exercise program.

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  1. Eat healthy foods

    Staples of a healthy diet include lean protein sources, fruits, vegetables and grains. Examples of lean protein sources are poultry, fish and eggs. High-fiber foods digest slowly, which reduces hunger. Drink plenty of water, especially before meals. It fills the stomach and makes you eat less. Eat slowly, as it reduces the temptation to eat more.

  2. Exercise your abdominal muscles

    Abdominal exercises include the bicycle exercise, reverse crunches and planks. Machines such as the Torso Track or the Ab Roller are also useful.

  3. Perform aerobic exercises

    Aerobic exercises, such as running, swimming, rowing and cycling, burn fat. Aerobic exercises are beneficial at any intensity level, but the most fat loss occurs at a high intensity. High-intensity interval training burns fat and raises the metabolic rate after training. Perform interval training by mixing two minutes of moderate- to high-intensity aerobic exercise with 30 seconds to one minute of very high-intensity aerobic exercise. Repeat this pattern for up to 30 minutes.

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