How Do You Tighten Skin After Weight Loss?


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Tighten loose skin after weight loss by building muscle and improving skin elasticity. Work out consistently to build muscle and fill out loose skin. Consume vitamin C and gelatin supplements to promote skin elasticity. In addition, apply vitamin C topically on loose skin to promote tightening.

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  1. Build muscle by exercising

    Weight loss promotes both the loss of fat and muscle. Begin a weight lifting regimen to build muscle in order to fill out the excess skin after weight loss. Eat a healthy, protein-rich diet to build muscle while maintaining a low body fat percentage.

  2. Take gelatin supplements

    Improve skin elasticity by consuming 500 milligrams of gelatin per day. It may be difficult to include an adequate amount of gelatin in a daily diet, as it is only available in foods such as oxtail, chicken feet or short ribs. Gelatin supplements are sold online or at any health-supplement store.

  3. Consume and topically apply vitamin C

    Vitamin C is an important part of collagen formation and skin elasticity. Consume at least two grams of vitamin C per day. Vitamin C is available in many fruits or as a supplement. In addition to oral ingestion, apply vitamin C directly onto skin. Vitamin C supplements and topical creams are available online or at any department store.

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