How Do You Tighten Glasses?

tighten-glasses Credit: JGI/Jamie Grill/Blend Images/Getty Images

Tighten loose glasses by pressing the area near the temples slightly inward. Metal frames can be directly adjusted, while plastic frames need to be warmed before manipulation.

  1. Inspect the frame

    Any adjustment to the frame should be gradual, so inspect and remember the current orientation of the sides of the frames, or arms.

  2. Apply pressure to the temple area

    Metal frames can be adjusted with direct pressure. Apply light pressure to make the arms near the temple area slightly more concave. Plastic frames can be heated under warm water and then adjusted.

  3. Test the adjustment

    Put the glasses on to determine if the adjustment is sufficient, and add a little more pressure if the glasses are still too loose. Avoid making one large adjustment since it is difficult to reverse the change.