How Do You Tighten a Flabby Chest?

How Do You Tighten a Flabby Chest?

Tightening a flabby chest is a difficult process that can take several months to complete. To tighten your flabby chest, you need access to a gym with cardiovascular equipment and weights.

  1. Do cardiovascular exercises daily

    Perform some type of cardiovascular exercise every day. Running, ice skating, rope jumping and swimming are all excellent choices. Regular cardiovascular exercise can help burn calories, which sheds excess weight all over your body. Combined with more focused strength training, this weight loss can tighten your chest.

  2. Perform push-ups regularly

    Make sure you are able to perform push-ups regularly with the proper technique. Do 12 rep sets of push-ups every other day, one to three times per day. Push-ups build the pectoral muscles on your chest, which gives your chest a more cut and defined appearance.

  3. Incorporate bench presses into your workouts

    Start to include bench press exercises into your days at the gym. These exercises develop the muscles in your chest and shoulders and can help build dense muscular mass on your chest. Try to do at least 12 reps of bench presses two or three times every week. Use a barbell with a weight that you are comfortable with for tight chest muscles.