What Thyroid Symptoms Require Treatment?

Thyroid symptoms requiring treatment are a lump or swelling in the neck around the thyroid gland, according to Mayo Clinic. Other symptoms that need to be treated are pain and tenderness in the area, difficulty swallowing, hoarseness and swollen lymph nodes around the neck. These symptoms could indicate thyroid cancer.

Other thyroid symptoms that need to be treated are a swollen or tender thyroid gland coupled with the symptoms of hyperthyroidism, says MedicineNet. These symptoms include rapid heartbeat, rapid weight loss, nervousness and tremor. Thyroiditis is fairly common after a woman has given birth, and the symptoms of hyperthyroidism are sometimes followed by symptoms of hypothyroidism. These include intolerance of cold, decreased appetite, slow or irregular heartbeat, depression and coarse skin and hair.

An enlarged thyroid along with increased sweating, unintended weight loss, red and thickened skin on the tops of the feet, frequent bowel movements and bulging eyes might be signs of Graves' disease, says Mayo Clinic. The eyes not only bulge, but have a sensation of having grit in them, and are painful or feel like they are under pressure and are sensitive to certain types of light. Some people also have double vision or a loss of vision.