What Is a Thyroid Cancer Prognosis?


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According to MedicineNet.com, the survival rate and prognosis for thyroid cancer depends on a few variables, including the patient's age, the size of the tumor and whether the cancer has metastasized. Surgery is the most common form of treatment for thyroid cancer that has not spread.

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According to MedicineNet.com, other treatment options for thyroid cancer include radiation therapy, chemotherapy and radioactive iodine treatment. Unfortunately, it is not possible to prevent most cases of thyroid cancer. The exact cause of thyroid cancer is uncertain, but risk factors include a family history of goiter, exposure to high levels of radiation and particular hereditary syndromes. The most common signs of this kind of cancer are a lump that can be felt in the neck, difficulty swallowing, swollen lymph nodes in the neck, coughing and voice changes.

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