What Is the THRIVE Weight Loss Plan?


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The THRIVE diet plan is based on eating whole foods and eliminating meat and dairy products. The diet was created by triathlete Brendan Brazier from Canada. The THRIVE philosophy is to eat "high-net-gain" foods for maximum energy.

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By limiting stress on your body with nutrient-packed foods, proponents of the THRIVE diet suggest it burns more fat and increases energy levels. The diet is not based on losing weight, but eating a healthier diet. It is also designed to help with losing fat and gaining lean muscle mass. The diet consists mainly of fresh fruits, vegetables and legumes.

Because the THRIVE diet does not allow any processed foods, all recipes suggested for the diet must be purchased and prepared. This requires individuals to shop at specific stores to find the proper meal ingredients. Long food preparation times are also likely. THRIVE diet recipes include banana ginger pear cereal, pecan sunflower burgers, cucumber pesto salad with tomato basil dressing and zucchini chips.

While ThriveDietDirect.com proposes the diet helps reduce biological debt, is alkaline-forming and helps avoid common allergens, there are no studies to prove its overall health benefits. Health.com suggests this diet is good for athletes, vegetarians or vegans, and for those who enjoy cooking.

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