What Are the Three Types of Paralytic Polio?


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The three types of paralytic polio are spinal; bulbar, which affects the brain stem; and bulbospinal, which affects both the spinal cord and brain stem, notes Mayo Clinic. Symptoms at the onset of paralytic polio include headache, fatigue, vomiting and fever and are the same for nonparalytic polio.

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Within a week of contracting the disease, people with paralytic polio start to display more serious symptoms such as loss of reflexes; severe weakness and aches in muscles; and loose or floppy limbs, a condition known as flaccid paralysis, explains Mayo Clinic. People with paralytic polio often have symptoms that are worse on one side of their bodies. Temporary or permanent muscle paralysis, disability, and deformities of the hips, ankles and feet are some of the possible complications of paralytic polio.

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