What Is the Three-Day Liver Cleansing Diet?


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There are several variations of a three-day liver cleansing diet; however, the following diet has proven results for those who tried it, according to Adventure Boot Camp. This diet consists of a one-day juice fast and two days of fairly regular eating paired with optional light exercise.

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What Is the Three-Day Liver Cleansing Diet?
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For the first day of the liver cleanse, boil 8 ounces of cranberry juice together with 56 ounces of purified water to begin the recipe for the "miracle juice," explains Adventure Boot Camp. Add ½ tsp cinnamon, ¼ tsp ginger and nutmeg and ¼ cup fresh lemon juice to finish creating the mixture. Then, let it cool. You can also add Stevia natural sweetener to help with the taste. Drink this juice blend throughout the day, along with at least 72 ounces of pure water.

For the following two days of the cleanse, eat a breakfast of two scrambled eggs, an orange, vegetables of your choice and water mixed with lemon juice. Your lunch should consist of a dark green salad with beets, artichoke hearts and 6 ounces of lean protein, states Adventure Boot Camp. For dinner, eat big portions of broccoli and cauliflower, along with another 6 ounces of lean protein. You can also snack on foods such as plain Greek yogurt and fresh berries, whey protein shakes and baked apples.

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